Thursday, November 24, 2011


Do you remember when the Democrat Party members of the Indiana State Legislature walked-out in early 2011 and fled to Danville, Illinois preventing a quorum which avoided any vote on anti-labor legislation? Well based upon reports emanating from Indianapolis the brief 2012 General Assembly session is headed for a confrontation when they push “Right to Work” legislation.

Legendary blow-hard State Democrat Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer, who wears the worst rug in Indiana, promises stiff opposition due to the Democrat Party’s strong union support. To bring yourself up to date on this important issue you can take a look at a South Bend Tribune article at this link:,0,4102368,print.story

Despite the strength of the union movement in Indiana the early reports of a poll in the South Bend Tribune are both surprising and interesting. After only two days the poll indicates that 59% of the participants support “Right to Work” legislation, and 41% are opposed. Clearly the extremely high levels of unemployment in Indiana may be causing the Hoosier citizens to favor State legislative action that could enhance the chance of improving employment opportunities through successful economic development.

It does not take an intellectual to predict that this next General Assembly session is going to get contentious, because if the union movement loses this battle its future is certainly in jeopardy of fading out of existence. For the record I favor “Right to work” legislation, because it has been successful where it exists in 23 other States around the USA.

Indiana and the entire country needs to create jobs, which will increase tax revenues, and if “Right to work” creates jobs then we would be fools not to endorse such a plan.


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