Thursday, November 10, 2011


Every single media outlet has splashed the sickening initial details of the Penn State University scandal across their pages and airwaves this week. The recent decision of the University Board of Trustees is but one of the initial actions that will impact literally millions across the country in future months. The firing of University President Graham Spanier and Head Football Coach Joe Paterno has caused big headlines, and those actions appear at this early date to have been both appropriate and necessary.

Permit your Commander to suggest that you take a look at the actual indictment document that has been filed against ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky so you can secure a full understanding of the depth of this scandal. I have read the document and find it to be one of the most reprehensible reports I have ever read. I was sickened by the facts and believe you will be too. Most important to take into consideration is the fact that the alleged acts of illegal child molestation have been going on for many years, and several individuals have known about it without taking appropriate action.

If you have read the indictment, I am certain that you will agree that the University Trustees of Penn State had to take the action they took, and now it is up to the courts in the State of Pennsylvania to move the appropriate judicial procedures forward promptly. Personally I do not understand how the local judiciary could justify permitting Jerry Sandusky to be free on bail. The allegations are so serious when you read the indictment I suggest that his life is in real danger to violent actions by some disturbed individual or individuals.

Additionally, I suggest that the acts of the Penn State student body last evening demonstrating and destroying property were somewhat understandable considering Coach Paterno’s long record of accomplishments and beloved status. It is, however, another clear example of inappropriate action by immature individuals who have failed to take into consideration all the facts before acting irrationally and emotionally. There are direct parallels to this and the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.

Only time will tell the full extent of this tragic story of an alleged very sick individual who avoided accountability as a result of numerous individuals who just did not do the right thing at the right time. I am afraid that there is more to this horrible and disturbing case yet to be revealed.

The reputation of a fine educational institution has been ruined and it may take decades to restore. In addition, this scandal has impacted many individuals, families, and the entire profession of coaching. School administrators at every level will be reviewing and enforcing their child abuse policies.

Did the football program at Penn State simply have too much power and notoriety on that campus? Could that explain this terrible situation? Remember, this isn’t just another story on the Sports page…what happened on that campus is criminal!


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