Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Thanks to my copy of the American Patriot’s Almanac I learned some interesting facts about our American Presidents, and I want to share the details with you. Being a student of history I don’t remember hearing most of the following factoids about out Presidents.

Which presidents signed the Declaration of Independence? John Adams, Thomas Jefferson.

Which presidents signed the Constitution? George Washington, James Madison.

Which president served the shortest time in office? William H. Harrison,
31 days.

Which president served the longest? Franklin D. Roosevelt, 12 years,
39 days.

Who was the youngest person to be elected president? John F. Kennedy, 43.

Who was the youngest person to become president? Theodore Roosevelt, 42*.

Who was the oldest person to become president? Ronald Reagan, 69.

Who was the only president to resign? Richard Nixon.

Which presidents were impeached? Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton.

Which president served two non-consecutive terms? Grover Cleveland.

Which president was never elected either as president or vice-president?
Gerald Ford

Which presidents were elected even thought their opponents received more popular votes? J.Q. Adams, 1824; R. Hayes, 1876; B. Harrison, 1888;
G.W. Bush, 2000.

Note: * Theodore Roosevelt was forty-two in 1901 when he succeeded
McKinley, who had been assassinated, John F; Kennedy was forty-three when elected president in 1960.

For those of you who enjoy history and trivia these few facts can enliven your conversation in the coming days. Your Commander wonders how much of this historical information is currently being taught in our schools during these politically correct days.


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