Thursday, November 24, 2011


On this day when we give thanks for the many blessing that have been bestowed upon us, I felt it appropriate to search for a better understanding as to why our governance has become so dysfunctional. Permit me to draw your attention to a very reflective article by Holman W. Jenkins Jr. that I found on The Wall Street Journal web site.

The title “If Only Obama Had Been This Guy” is supported by the sub-headline ‘Carter at least did not substitute his priorities for the nation’s’. This article goes to the heart of the necessity for leadership in Washington.

Hopefully on this day of consideration a growing number of our fellow Americans will become involved in requiring our government officials to address the important issues of the day as opposed to ranking their selfish, egotistically driven re-election goals their first priority. When our elected officials took their sworn Oath of Office how can they ignore those very clearly specified objectives?

Your Commander cannot think of anything more important for all of us to contemplate on this day of reflection than honest, prioritized, good governance.


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