Sunday, November 20, 2011


Frequently the wheels of justice move slowly, and the case of WikiLeaks’s founder Julian Assange is a perfect example. Here is a link to a Chicago Tribune article reporting the action of the British High Court which has rejected his appeal against extradition on accusations of rape and sexual assault back in Sweden.,0,2326011,print.story

Certainly Assange will try to appeal the Court’s decision, but hopefully he will eventually be brought back to the Swedish authorities and eventually be held accountable for his alleged actions. I cannot speak with any degree of inside knowledge, but I do know that this creep is guilty of totally unethical conduct when his group of left-wing wackos released thousands of secret government papers breaking laws all over the world.

Your Commander was delighted when Visa and MasterCard cut off the flow of financial contributions to WikiLeaks and hopefully as a result it will quickly go out of business. Assange and his band of little puppets have caused great harm to numerous governments and intelligence gathering institutions around the world.

This little piss-ant’s motivations are certainly not as he portrays them to be and if convicted in Sweden he should be placed in a dark cell to contemplate his destructive actions for many years. Eventually Assange will pay for his many crimes, but in the meantime numerous lawyers are having a field day collecting huge fees, and he is living-large in some rich liberal English fool’s country estate.


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