Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As violence increases across the country with the Occupy Wall Street crowd I suggest you will benefit greatly by reading Professor Walter E. Williams article “IGNORANCE EXPLOITED”. As always Williams has a clear and objective analysis of the core complaint being spewed by the participants.

Once again Professor Williams totally destroys the core justification claimed by the demonstrators to be without any basis of fact. Thus why are they out there creating disruption, destruction of property and violating any number of local, state and federal laws?

Don’t tell me this is a spontaneous group of concerned citizens. This is a highly organized and well-financed mob intent upon destroying our country. How can President Obama, who took an Oath of Office to protect all Americans and uphold the laws of our country, not speak out strongly against the actions of these disruptive misinformed individuals? Our president does not speak, because he supports the agenda of ‘divide and conquer’ as part of his over-all devious political objectives.


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