Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What is next for our government to financially support? Please read the attached article from The Washington Post announcing the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to provide reduced internet connections and $150.00 computers:

The justification for this ambitious program sounds nice and will certainly appeal to the liberals who want the government to provide ‘womb to tomb’ coverage for all Americans. How much is this hand-out program going to cost you and me?

Don’t get me started when it comes to all those television commercials pleading with people to get their free cell phone so they can be safe and call their children each day, because it is just more crap that you and I have to pay for in the long run. Where is accountability and responsibility? Where has the desire to improve one’s position in life when your government is begging you to take another freebee that drives our debt even deeper?

With our federal, state and local taxes haven’t we (those who pay taxes) already paid for computers and wi-fi access in libraries across the country? Those on the Federal and State dole only have to go to the library for free computer use.

I say enough is enough, but nothing is going to happen if you sit on your backside and do not vote in November, 2012 and say you want real change and not vote buying political bull excrement.


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