Friday, November 11, 2011


There was a small story in the pages of The Washington Post that announced the planned departure of President Barack Obama’s ‘body man’ Reggie Love (a former forward for Duke University's basketball team) by the end of the year. Here is a link to that story:

Now I know that all of our Presidents have had pals hanging around the White House over the years and travel with an entourage, but I believe that during these times of severe economic hardships it is fair to pose this question …What in the hell do these dudes do, and how can our President’s justify this additional expense to be placed upon the backs of the American taxpayers? Do you suppose we will ever learn how much money Reggie Love was paid?

I suggest you and I have been paying for our President to have a guy hanging around the White House so he could be available to play basketball with him whenever he wants to hit the court. This is simply another clear example of the depth of the arrogance that our elected officials think they can get away with or are due without an outcry from the taxpaying suckers. Presidents get away with this abuse of office, because the mainstream media turns the other cheek, since they have been bought-off by the glow of the office they are assigned to cover.

The media has made the mistake of serving the politicians, and not the electorate or the people who really pay their salaries.


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