Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The title listed for Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s recent column was called “The Grover Norquist myth”, but I think it should have been DARE THE DEMOCRATS. Krauthammer’s insightful column elequently notes that the Democrat spin machine has been effective, but he proves without any doubt that it is the Democrats who have failed to even present a budget plan over the past 2 ½ years. Here is the link:

This opinion piece proposes an important suggestion by urging the Republicans to force a vote on the Simpson/Bowles report in the House. The key point of Krauthammer’s thesis is in his closing paragraph when he states, “Dare the Senate Democrats to vote down the grandest of all bargains. Dare Obama to veto his own debt commission. Dare the Democrats to actually do something about debt.”

When are the Republicans going to force the truth to come forth and out-maneuver the Democrats and their complicit simpatico main-stream media pals?


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