Friday, November 11, 2011


Anyone who does not see the well organized campaign to promote the stature of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must be living in a bomb-shelter without any communication to the outside world. In view of the falling poll numbers for President Barack Hussein Obama there are influential forces working within the Democrat Party to have Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings to step forward for a Presidential run in 2012.

Forget all the recent comments from Hillary Clinton that she has no aspirations for the Presidency, because I do not believe that for one single minute. Permit me to draw your attention to the attached article from The Washington Post leaking information from the soon-to-be released new Bill Clinton book that is critical of Obama in specific terms.

Your Commander does not believe the Clintons have ever forgiven Obama for defeating and derailing Hillary’s run for the Presidency back in 2008, and they have been treading water since that time building her image and resume. The bad feelings that exist down-deep are beginning to reappear, and the book and the increase in major-media publicity promoting Hillary are not by chance.

The next shoe to drop will be direct action by the major movers in the Democrat Party when they see the hand-writing on the wall for Obama’s defeat. The power-brokers and money men in the Party will drop Obama like a hot potato before absorbing a loss at the hands of the Republican Party, and suddenly embrace Hillary to save their skin.

Bill Clinton’s charge that Obama has failed to identify workable economic policies and to outmaneuver his Republican foes is stunning, yet correct. I contend that there are several smoking-guns than may come forward in the next few months that can be disastrous for Obama, such as his auto czar’s involvement in the Chrysler auto dealership closures or his unconstitutional actions in Obama-care legislation.

The swords are being drawn, and as I predicted months ago the snakes will eat their own when the going gets tough.


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