Friday, November 18, 2011


The major topic of the day appears to be unemployment and I believe it will be the key decision point when it comes to selecting the next President of the United States come November 2012. To fully understand the depth of the electorate’s concern about unemployment earlier this month conducted a poll in which 11,735 individuals participated. I found the result to be very important and revealing as to the depth of our collective concern on this subject.


Good News – they show the economy is moving forward – 24%

Bad news – jobs growth is still way too sluggish – 43%

Mixed news – could be better, could be worse – 31%

I’m not sure – 0%

Clearly 100% of the participants have an opinion on this question, and less than one-quarter of the respondents feel the employment news is good. On the other hand 74% feel that unemployment is a problem, which leads me to believe that unless there is a sharp improvement in employment figures before Election Day that single issue will be decisive.

Thus, I conclude that nothing short of the parting of the waters will solve this critical issue before Election Day, and that puts President Obama in jeopardy of being a one-term president. It will be for the historians to determine if the Republican Party can come together and win or if they fail to unify to take advantage of this political trump-card.


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