Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday I spent well over an hour crafting my thoughts relative to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations ramping up across America. My comments covered over 500 words, and expressed my deep concerns about the cause and effect of the well organized gatherings that are causing massive disruption in cities across the country with escalating violence each passing day.

While conducting some research for that blog I ran across an article that struck a chord, because it very clearly addressed the subject in a far more adroit fashion than I had. The article was written by Thomas Sowell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, and I urge you to read his sentiments at the link below where he succinctly addresses the difference between rioting and protesting with his dissertation “Democracy vs. mob rule in ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests”.

Your Commander finds the fact that an increasing number of well-reasoned voices of color are stepping forward to challenge the actions of main-stream media, social movements, and the current administration very interesting. It is my personal opinion that this entire disruptive OWS movement is well organized and well financed with direct ties to the re-election agenda of Barack Obama. The OWS movement reflects another concerted effort to play the ‘transference card’ deflecting blame away from its true source of Capital Hill and the Oval Office of our White House.


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