Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today’s issue of The Washington Post contained an interesting article about Spain and its economic problems. Permit me to suggest you read the entire article, link below, because I (like the author) see direct similarities to conditions there and in the good old USA.


The first of my three journeys to Spain occurred almost 40 years ago, and the last in 1992 with attendance to the magnificent Olympics in Barcelona. As Vivek Wadhwa’s article accuracately indicates, the exquisite food and mild climate make Spain most appealing, but the bureaucratic complications make doing business there even more difficult than in America.

To me the article is a fair warning to American politicians that the same situation is increasing each day here in the USA, and we must take action to eliminate the barriers to opening a business and hiring new employees easier. There are far too many parallels between Spain, Greece, and several other troubled European countries/economies that have unsustainable entitlement programs, and our country that spring forth when reading Wadhwa’s article.

America has always been friendly to its immigrants, (sometimes too friendly) and to our allies. We must be certain to be business friendly to our citizens and the legal immigrants in the country who work to create new businesses and opportunities. The current administration is strangulating the entrepreneurial spirit with its Czars, increasing bureaucratic regulations, and taxation threats.


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