Monday, September 5, 2011


That is the title of the lead article of the Labor Day edition at The subject matter is interesting and important in itself, but I happened to find an important by-product within Jyoti Thottam’s article that applies to the problems facing our country today.

I suggest that you will find reading the article to be of value in understanding the continuing problems that face India despite their strong economic growth. Internally India still has not solved its vast gulf between the rich and growing poor majority population that has resulted in anticorruption protests.,8816,2091395,00.html

Corruption is not something new to growing democracies, but corruption is an issue that persists across the world in all forms of government. I found the quote in the article from the Christian Science Monitor to be most important and applicable to the problems facing the United States today too, “a government can’t move a country forward if leaders don’t value the people, don’t find them worthy.”

I see a direct similarity of those words to the state of the American political system and government today flowing from Washington. Do you?
There seems to be direct parallels to the problems confronting in India and within the United States.


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