Saturday, September 10, 2011


Rarely do I re-address a subject as quickly as I have in this case. On September 1st I posted a blog relative to the egregious actions of Thomas Villanova, who is the politically well-connected President of the Chicago and Cook County Building and Trades Council. I salute the Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV for their well documented September 2nd Watchdog investigative reporting article regarding Villanova’s lucrative pension, which you can read at this link:,0,1899626,full.story

Your Commander wonders just when the proper authorities will address this example of blatant misuse of office and outright theft of public dollars by an insider living high on taxpayer’s dollars. This Union leader deserves to be behind bars for his lies and deliberate illegal actions. It seems like every day that I open the pages of one of the Chicago newspapers there is another example of abuse by public and union officials in Chicago. No wonder the City is placing a devastating tax burden upon its citizens to pay outlandish sweetheart pension deals to crooked officials.

It is your Commander’s opinion that new Mayor Rahm Emanuel does not come to his position with clean hands either. It seems he has no choice, considering the state of the growing financial obligations facing Chicago, but to clean up a number of special sweetheart deals that have gone on unknown and un-reported for many years. I suspect that we have not heard the last of these kinds of deals, and one must wonder what could come forward if imprisoned Obama/Blagovich pal and political wheeler dealer Tony Rezko were to surface and start talking. That is no doubt why Tony is being kept in a secret location, and out of the public eye.

What a rotten mess, but I suspect nothing will really change, because so many people are on the take in Chicago that they just keep voting the same crooks into office so as to keep their entitlements flowing. The crooks and the inmates are obviously running the Chicago institution.


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