Friday, September 30, 2011


Reading my local newspaper this past weekend, I ran across an article that caught my attention in Parade Magazine based upon a Business piece announcing the results of a poll reporting the most annoying celebrities in America. My attention perked up immediately, because the growing acceptability and worship of celebrities has been getting my goat for some time now.

Please take a look at the link to the Business Wire article:!-Yahoo!-Pop-Culture-Poll-Results

Your Commander totally agrees with the list that indicated that the most annoying celebrity was Kim Kardashian, followed by Charlie Sheen, Snooki, Lindsey Lohan, Donald Trump, and Brad Womack. Personally I would not include Trump, because he actually works and provides employment for fellow Americans, but he certainly has a wearing self-serving personality and huge ego.

Apparently I am so far out of the main-stream that I had to do a Google search to determine who Brad Womack was. I learned that he is a so-called “reality star” who appears on the ABC-TV’s “The Bachelor".

I have tried to understand the worship extended by our society to the likes of the Kardashian clan, but it is totally beyond my understanding. I accept the fact that I am an old coot, but where has the value system of Americans gone? I suggest…down the sewer.

Once we respected our parents, teachers and peers, and now we respect individuals who disregard all moral rules of the road, and wallow in excess with total disregard for all respectable standards of ethical conduct. I change the television channel when the likes of Snooki or Charlie Sheen appear. I certainly will not buy any products associated with these crude jerks that provide nothing positive, but feed on a gullible and misguided society.

If you want to know how I really feel…your Commander has had enough! And, if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to read the commentary above about the Kardashian family.


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M.J. Simpson said...

As a young adult (I'm not exactly an "old coot") who has never cared for celebrities, it saddens me to witness the celebrity idolization that is so commonplace in our society and media today. Certainly not all of them are immoral, wasteful, conceited, disrespectful jerks, but these sorts of people do very often get positive attention. Frankly, I'd like them to not get any attention, positive or negative. Don't we have more important things to focus on? Say, hmmm...the economy?

That said, it's great to have individuals that we can look up to as role models. I just feel that 99% of celebrities aren't deserving of such a position.