Sunday, September 18, 2011


Your Commander finds it very interesting to note the once fawning liberal supporters of the Obama administration are now circling the wagons on the bankruptcy of Solyndra, the California solar-panel maker. This is the “green jobs” company that received $535 million in loan guarantees in 2009 that went bankrupt last month. This reminds me of a dog who found his long lost bone, and will not give it up without a fight.

The Washington Post is certainly not the only major newspaper or media outlet to keep the pressure on with the growing Solyndra scandal; take a look at a very revealing article titled “Five myths about the Solyndra collapse” by Brad Plumer and Bill O’Leary.

I believe this story has long legs and could lead to the ultimate demise of the Obama presidency. It appears that long time friend, confidant and Presidential Advisor Valerie Jarrett’s fingerprints are all over this deal according to reports I have heard from Brian Ross, Investigative Reporter for ABC-TV News.

The fact that one of the major private investors in Solyndra has been granted a first-position ahead of the U.S. government in the $535 million dollar loan guarantee needs to be questioned and answered. What was the justification for granting first position rights to Tulsa oilman George Kaiser who also happens to be a major fundraising bundler for the Obama campaign?

For additional insight take a look at another Washington Post article by Carol D. Leonnig and Steven Mufson.

All these stories about the Solyndra scandal remind me of a John Wayne movie where he puts all the wagons into a circle in anticipation of a huge attack from the hoards of Indians marshalling their forces in the hills. This is going to be one hell of an action packed story with the conclusion yet to be written.


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