Sunday, September 18, 2011


Those are words from a revealing Professor Walter E. Williams article that clearly outlines the depth of failure that exists within our educational system today. For several years I have expressed my concerns about the growing number of college and university level institutions that exist across America, and Williams’s article directly addresses a related problem regarding the lack of preparation our college level students have achieved.

With the escalating cost of higher education, it is important to read the link below, because all our students should not be attending college. The statistics clearly indicate that a surprising number of our youth are not qualified nor prepared in such a way to achieve the benefit of a college experience.

Having read Williams’ article it is clear that the title hits the nail on the head when he states, “Too Much Higher Education.” Maybe we do not need all the institutions of higher education that we are funding today. Might it not be more effective and efficient to re-direct the scarce dollars to vocational and trade schools that would better serve the students who are not appropriate college applicants?

First we have to deliver better educational experiences for all our young people, but at the same time we must carefully examine if we are on the correct track in our basic policies and funding of the entire educational experience. In the long run this is a subject where America dare not fail to be a world-wide leader.


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