Sunday, September 25, 2011


For several weeks I have written commentaries warning of a dramatic increase in street demonstrations here in the good old USA. Disturbances and arrests had already occurred in Wisconsin over collective bargaining and in Washington State with violent demonstrations by longshoremen. Arrests in both cases were appropriate and the courts should impose suitable penalties.

Now there is a report in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post addressing the fact that 80 demonstrators were arrested by New York City police during yesterday’s “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations. Here is the article link. I suggest liberal vent of The Post and the Associated Press that authored the article shows through.

It is interesting to note that the article fails to address the fact that the 80 demonstrators arrested violated the laws of New York City; however the AP reporter was detailed when suggesting the police were acting inappropriately during the action. I expect to see reports of this nature grow as more and more legal and illegal demonstrations and other actions appear on the streets of this country.

Emotions are being stretched to the breaking point on a growing number of issues confronting the American people. Great caution must take place to prevent violence, but I fear that the level of violence will escalate in the coming months as primary and election season approaches. You can only push American citizens so far. We will stand firm for the rights and privileges guaranteed by our precious Constitution.

Surely some degree of foreign influence is apparent in these demonstrations, but I blame our failing politicians who do not do their sworn jobs, and push excessive taxation upon the men and women of this great country while providing far too many entitlements to many who do not deserve them.


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