Sunday, September 25, 2011


It is my belief that President Obama’s falling poll numbers cause him to take a far more aggressive stance as each day passes in his attempts to stir his political base into possibly disturbing action. Every single newspaper and television channel has carried the inflammatory remarks from his address to the Congressional Black Caucus.

With current unemployment rates in the black community registering a staggering 16% Obama said “quit complaining and ‘put on your marching shoes’”. I could refer to numerous articles that appear on the internet today, but a short crisply well-written one was found on and here is the link:

Listening to today’s morning news programs I heard video clips of the speech and was further disturbed to hear him resort to urban speech patterns that are common on the streets of his old stomping ground in Chicago or listening to his old pal Rev. Jeremiah Wright. If you viewed the programs you know exactly what I mean.

All this coming from the guy who claimed to be going to Washington to bring CHANGE and HOPE to America. He has a strange way of dropping the race-card bait to rejuvenate his faltering re-election campaign.

Jobs are his problem and you do not get business people to add jobs by playing class warfare and calling for people of color to go to the streets and march.

Those words are those of a desperate fellow who will resort to all kinds of gimmicks to achieve his goal. That is the policy of those old community organizers who played one class against another for their personal gain. It is sad to see this coming from the man who claimed he would bring us all together, and he is doing just the opposite to get re-elected. How sad, but true.

As I have said before, there is big trouble in River City (Washington), and it is emanating directly from the White House which once stood as a bright shining light on the Hill, and is now under a dark cloud of deception, divisive actions, and debilitating partisanship.


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