Sunday, September 11, 2011


Buried within the Sunday September 11th newspapers is a very disturbing article announcing the fact that 77 American soldiers were injured when a truck loaded with firewood exploded outside the gates of Combat Outpost Sayed Abad in the eastern Wardak province of Afghanistan.

Here is the link to the article written by Patrick Quinn and Rahim Faiez for the Chicago Tribune:,0,6077877,print.story

I do not know about you, but I found several very troubling pieces of information within the article such as the comments from a Taliban statement that said “The Afghans have an endless stamina for a long war” and “Through a country-wide uprising the Afghans will send the Americans to the dustbin of history like they sent other empires of the past.”

The location of the attack was within 45 miles of Kabul and within a one hour drive of the capital there is total lawlessness after ten years of an American commitment. For the umpteenth time I am calling for a total withdrawal of all American troops from this backwater pit before one additional American gives his life for people who history has proven cannot live peacefully in their tribal country. A growing list of recognized voices is joining your Commander, such as USA Today founder Al Neuhart, calling for our immediate withdrawal.

Bring our troops home now and take every single piece of American equipment with us before it is stolen and sold to our enemies. Let the ungrateful people of Afghanistan fight and continue to kill among their tribes. It is time to stop wasting our money and return our troops and equipment home to secure our borders against costly illegal immigration and our known enemies.


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