Thursday, September 1, 2011


Please take a couple of minutes to read the links below from the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune. One relates to $9.5 million in unused vacation days paid to 1,119 city employees since September, 2010. The other article pertains to $17,000 in questionable City credit card charges by a Chicago High School Principal.,0,6769530,print.story

How could the administration of ex-Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley permit a policy to exist that permitted city employees to accumulate a staggering amount of vacation pay from one year to another? How could the Chicago Public School System permit its employees to use their City credit card without some degree of oversight?

I am not a fan of new Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel, but he has promised to eliminate this extremely generous vacation pay policy and is planning to announce next week a new city employee benefits policy.

All the criminals are not in jail, but some hold high positions in government and direct the education of precious children while stealing behind the backs of their employer.


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