Monday, September 26, 2011


With the education of our children one of the most important subjects confronting America today, there is a very troubling article on the website that I feel is a must read. Below is the direct link to Helen Whalen Cohen’s brief report:

As you know from previous commentaries on the subject of education, I strongly feel the federal government has long been the problem in our failing educational system, and it would be better served by local and State control and leadership. As Cohen clearly indicates, President Obama has again over-reached his authority by rendering an Executive Order to dramatically change No Child Left Behind, which ignores the law as passed by Congress.

With Obama’s action there are stringent strings attached to his waiver that Cohen says “would strengthen federal power over education and weaken schools’ direct accountability to parents and taxpayers.” Obama’s action clearly circumvents Congress to impose federal policy preferences and diminish local authority.

The lack of parental involvement is permitting the federal government to increase their “cradle to grave” influence over the failed educational system as it currently exists. Tragically with fewer and fewer two parent families the voting power at the ballot box is diminished, and there is insufficient voter interest to prevent the nationalization of education of our youth to flourish.


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