Monday, September 12, 2011


Please take a look at Rosalind Rossi’s recent Chicago Sun Times article relative to the recent clash between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.

There is no question that the financial problems facing the City of Chicago and the Chicago Teacher’s Union are monumental, but the total lack of civility that exists will make a solution extremely difficult to achieve. While Emanuel has a long established reputation of foul language I contend that it has no place in the administration of any elected office and represents a lack of discipline and good judgment.

While I believe that Karen Lewis’s position is quite weak on the current debate, it is clear that the best interest of the students is again getting short-shrift by union leadership. What kind of an example is this language setting for the students of the Chicago Public School system when the leader of their city is using the BIG WORD?

Apparently the Chicago mayor is endorsing the usage of the BIG WORD in the Chicago Public Schools, and the Union teachers now have fair warning that they will hear it more frequently in their classrooms, too. I guess we should not be surprised, because Emanuel used the BIG WORD in the White House, but it is doubtful that he used it toward his beloved mentor and benefactor Barack Hussein Obama.


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