Monday, September 19, 2011


Finally, after several weeks talking about his plan to save the country from lingering massive unemployment and devastating debt, today President Obama stepped before his twin Teleprompters in the White House Rose Garden. Frankly, all I heard was another political campaign speech directed to his liberal socialist base calling for further division between the left and right, and the rich and the poor of the electorate.

While it is obvious that a total revamping of our tax code is both appropriate and necessary, our president is again playing the rich against the middle class, while giving those classified as poor a total pass. The statement during his speech, “It is only right we ask everyone to pay their fair share” jumped out at me proving his hypocrisy, because the poor currently shell out nothing and are part of the 50% of Americans who pay absolutely no income tax come April 15th each year.

While I have not studied Obama’s recently released “American Jobs Act” plan in depth since details were withheld until today, my cursory scan tells me that it is another example of his continuing effort to expand class warfare between segments of our population giving the poor a total pass while expanding dependence upon unemployment, welfare, and entitlements.

Your Commander is troubled by Obama drawing a line in the sand with his threat of a veto before Congress has even debated his proposal or the GOP offering a compromise proposal. I also noted that he fails to even mention any of the extensive suggestions proposed by the very Simpson/Bowels Commission that he appointed.

Additionally Mr. Obama has called for quick passage of his “American Jobs Act”, which is troubling in view of our experience from quick passage of his Health Care legislation, and this new proposal reveals more poorly conceived details with each passing day.

Everyone knows that taxpayers in the upper levels of wealth have the opportunity to use far too many tax loop-holes, and should be paying more taxes. Wealthy Americans are not evil people, but Obama portrays them as such. Obama’s blanket attack on the wealthy is nothing but a Chicago-style political ploy for income redistribution attracting the votes of his “have-not” voting base bribed with hand-outs and unfulfilled, unrealistic promises.

My brief analysis of Obama’s “American Jobs Act” creates a lot of temporary jobs, but does not create long-lasting employment. Thus little is done to bring down unemployment numbers or increase revenue over the long-term.

To act upon Obama’s plan before the Super-Committee attempts to address the financial needs of the country is ill-advised and a political rush to judgment with the hope of swaying poll numbers of a presidency that is teetering toward a one-term White House residency.

Remember haste makes waste, an adage all politicians too frequently ignore.


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