Thursday, May 13, 2010


Any observer of news emanating from Chicago must suspect that there is a smoldering fire on the horizon that has a stench that could possibly reach all the way to Washington, D.C., cloud the Halls of Congress, and even the White House. Chicago style politics has long been known to be rough and tumble, but lately it is getting deadly, too.

Cases in point are recent suicides involving Chicago School Board President Michael Scott (gun), Rod Blagojevich advisor Chris Kelly (rat poison), and now Metra chief Phil Pagano (jumped in front of a train) must have people wondering where this stops. Add to this the long delayed trial of Illinois’ former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and the imprisoned, not yet tried political operative, Tony Resko, who has acknowledged deep and direct ties to President Barack Hussein Obama.

Then there is the long, quiet investigation of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. into possible ties to “pay for play” with Illinois’ tainted Senator Roland Burris. The City Council of Chicago is legendary for corrupt Aldermen, and the outgoing Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is under investigation for unauthorized expenditures, etc.

While all this is going on the number of murders in Chicago reached a staggering number of more deaths than occurred in both Iraq and Afghanistan so far this year. Roving gangs and drug dealers rule vast areas of the West and South sides of the city and the Chicago Police, with dwindling resources, are ill equipped to control the criminal elements of the “City with Broad Shoulders”. The budgets are awash in red ink, as are under-funded County and City pension plans. The smoke is reaching glowing fire status.

Proven questionable dealings at the University of Chicago hospitals with First Lady Michelle Obama’s salary as a part-time Officer and earmarks directly tied to then Senator Barack Hussein Obama all fall under the cloud of the same smoke. Someday someone will tie all this stuff together, but it will probably be done by a historian many years from this date. Somewhere in this no doubt also fall complicated manipulators such as Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod.
Then there is Mayor Richard J. Daley who just quietly keeps getting re-elected as he sits in the middle of the glowing embers. That’s the way of the Democrats in Chicago and Illinois.

Give me a break! If all these cats are not tied together I will eat my hat and the folks just keep letting this stuff continue with a wink and a nod. One has got to wonder if everyone is on the take, but me. All the crooks are not in jail…they breed and thrive in that toddling town, CHICAGO.


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