Wednesday, May 19, 2010


From the very first day I heard of Barack Hussein Obama I was led to believe that he was a very intelligent individual; at least that is what the main-stream media had been trumpeting. As time passes and Obama’s presidency establishes a track-record, I am becoming certain that he is clearly not as smart as most want us to believe. Certainly Obama’s inexperience is showing.

While Obama continues to blame everyone but himself for every single occurrence since his inauguration the chickens are coming home to roost. Obama’s total ignorance of the looming financial crisis is shocking, and he has the arrogance to continue announcing more and more spending programs, which leads me to believe that he thinks he can spend his way out of the financial crisis. Apparently he did not register for even introductory economics classes at Occidental, Harvard or the University of Chicago.

The new administration has growing time bombs on the horizon beyond the wars in the Middle East. Since Obama announced the closing of Guantanamo, that action has proven to have been a rush to judgment, and an issue he continues to avoid or back-peddle from. Recent initial statements on the Arizona immigration Bill are clearly political, and geared to attract votes and support from Hispanics and the illegal ilk. Continuing, Obama has a burgeoning problem with Attorney General Eric Holder’s repeated ill-advised statements, such as his recent admission that he has not even read the Arizona immigration bill, while taking a strong stand against it by playing the race card.

Also, former Arizona Governor, now Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano has also admitted to not having read the Arizona bill. Can you believe it?

In my opinion Obama should fire both Holder and his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, whose department failed to properly regulate BP before its off-shore oil drilling spill, for lack of competency. Napolitano should then be the next to go.

While Obama did not start the war in Afghanistan, he now owns it by clearly taking responsibility with his escalation and commitment to partner with the corrupt leader of that government. Your Commander has reluctantly come to the conclusion that the United States and the United Nations should pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.

We should do this simply because we cannot afford to continue to fight a war that cannot be won fighting a “nice” war. Obama and his academic, politically correct, no military experience policy maker team have placed many restrictions on the battle plan. Any veteran will tell you there are no “nice” wars, and you must pursue a policy of whatever it takes to win or the enemy will endure in the long-term. Academics and politicians create wars, and experienced professional military people fight and win wars.

Obama apparently defies and ignores the fact that Afghanistan led to the demise of the Soviet Union and it could do the same to the good old USA. As Al Neuharth, USA Today founder and frequent columnist, has stated, “Here is the price tag so far for our continuing Afghan misadventure: 976 U.S. Military deaths, $346 billion expense. Those billions shockingly total about the same as the combined 2010 federal budget for these seven major departments: Health and Human Services; Transportation; Veterans Affairs; State; Education; NASA; Labor. Instead of recognizing a costly mistake and getting out, Obama is doubling down. It’s his war now. I voted for Obama for president. But.”

Obama continues to ignore the long combative history of the region and continues to pour the lives of our finest down a deep rat-hole, supporting a corrupt government, a drug invested economy, an Afghan Army that is incompetent, a compromised battle plan, and a depleted check book. Has our president and staff not read of the hordes who have failed repeatedly over centuries in this vast wasteland? Does Obama not recognize that Iran is supporting a similar operation as outlined in the book “Charlie Wilson’s War” against our country?

Your Commander suggests that we get out before one more American life is wasted in this arm pit of the world. It is time to stop spending money we do not have in our vaults. We always have the fail-safe option to go back to bomb any threatening elements into oblivion with our BIG STICK defensive capabilities. Remember the saying that defines American independence and freedom, “Don’t Tread On Me.”


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Rollie T said...

There's a situation or current event that happens daily that shows his incompetence. He's a community organizer, simple as that. The American public wanted so much change and hope that they failed to realize just how progressive and transforming he is. It's taken almost 16 months for Americans to wake up.