Saturday, May 15, 2010


That is an old expression that we all have heard over the years, and it is your Commander’s opinion that it is applicable to President Barack Hussain Obama. Lately, we have seen repeated examples of our President losing his temper and lashing out at subjects, events, and individuals. Just when it is both necessary and propitious that our leadership be capable of coping with adversity, we witness cracks developing in the well-polished veneer of the President.

Apparently the threat of pending losses at the November 2010 polls are beginning to show as the date comes closer. The frustration of the President at being unable to control either Senate Leader Harry Reid or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is becoming more evident. The harshness in tone of responses to reporters’ questions is becoming more strident. The growing reliance on the use of the teleprompter indicates the total scripting of all utterances.

His verbal assault at the petroleum industry spokesmen before a Congressional hearing is un-Presidential to say the least, (I bet he did not send back the huge political contributions he received from the oil companies), and his reluctance to take corrective action among his Cabinet members for their obvious failures indicates a lack of leadership skill unbecoming to the office. The clear bias toward certain groups of citizens, racial divisiveness, the lack of promised transparency, and the encouragement of income redistribution and class warfare are most alarming. The failure to address fiscal restraints, border security and immigration adherence is inexcusable, and represents blatant political shenanigans.

All these obvious observations are contributing to the sudden graying of a young man’s hair before our eyes, all within a few months of assuming his office. Your Commander finds it disturbing to witness the denial, deflection, transference, the exposure of a previously hidden agenda, and the repeated assertion of power, position, and ego to be most alarming. Now when the going is getting rough we need a steady and self-assured hand at the wheel. When the storm clouds gather we do not need a vindictive punishing leader, but a benevolent fair honest patriot at the helm of state who is totally compliant to his Oath of Office.

To say that my country, my fellow citizens and I are troubled is an under-statement. Let me suggest that the cat is losing his cool. May God Bless America; we surely need His blessings during these trying, devious times.


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