Thursday, May 20, 2010


While sitting comfortably in my lazy-boy chair yesterday I was shocked to hear Fox News Host Neil Cavuto’s commentary giving Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal a supportive pass after The New York Times revelation that he had lied about his military service record on a documented number of occasions. I almost strained my back jumping up to attention when Cavuto said that he did not think Blumenthal’s actions were so bad. Give me a break, Cavuto!

It is your Commander’s strong opinion that Richard Blumenthal should be totally rejected by the voters of Connecticut in his race to become the next Senator from that state in the November 2010 election. Blumenthal has confirmed the he DID misspeak on a "few" occasions regarding the facts presented in The New York Times, which claimed that Blumenthal lied repeatedly about his military service in Viet Nam.

In an over the top staged press conference in a Connecticut Veterans of Foreign Wars building, Blumenthal had the utter gall to challenge anyone questioning his service to his country. No one challenged his record...just his view of it. He never served in Viet Nam and never served anywhere outside of the continental US. In view of the fact that Blumenthal lied repeatedly that he served in Viet Nam, he is a total hypocrite and no longer deserves the support of his state’s voting citizens. Blumenthal claimed that he “MISSPOKE,” but the truth of the matter is that he chose to do so repeatedly to benefit his political career. MISSPOKE, my toosh!

Apparently Blumenthal has strongly supported Veteran issues in the past, but that does not permit him to use Veterans to benefit his political aspirations on the basis of a phony resume. I will be shocked if the Veterans and citizens of Connecticut do not rise up and disavow this mendacious politician.

As a proud Regular United States Air Force veteran who served IN Korea, I do not want a known liar sitting in the United States Senate for one minute. To lie about one’s service to our country is, to me, an unforgivable offense. It is my plea that veterans across America rise up and challenge Blumenthal’s campaign. It pains me, but I salute the liberal leaning New York Times for its exposure of this scum-bag politician.

Your Commander was also so shocked by Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto commentary about the Blumenthal press conference that I sent him an e-mail this morning telling him that I will find it difficult to view his programing in the future (or at least for a while). Cavuto in essence said about the Blumenthal matter, who really cares about his misstatements…after all he did serve on a US base in the Marine Reserves. Excuse me, Neil Cavuto, that still does not mean “I served in Viet Nam.” I am certain that Cavuto will not lose any sleep over my action, but his stupidity and unwarranted support cannot go without my voice being heard. What Cavuto and Blumenthal do not realize is that the American public is sick and tired of giving political hacks a pass and we demand accountability.


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