Sunday, May 30, 2010


If you paid your taxes on April 15th as we did then you are part of the 53% of the American people who contributed to the financial foundation of the United States of America. I am proud to be part of that over-burdened, over-taxed group.

It is my personal opinion that the United States of America is quickly going down a road to financial insolvency when 47% of our citizens fail to pay any federal income tax. Apparently we are on the brink of having more than half of the population joining the ranks of the entitled that live, breed and thrive on the backs of those who work to meet their financial responsibility as citizens of this great country.

It is becoming obvious to your Commander that he is part of a soon to be shrinking minority who feels it is an honor to contribute to the future of this country and maintain sound financial policies. It is further your Commander’s personal opinion that every single citizen should contribute financially to establish and maintain a sound economic basis for our country. That includes infants, young, old, rich and poor.

Just imagine if every single citizen of this country contributed just $10.00 each year to our tax coffers. Our tax codes need to be totally reviewed and all of the special interest tax loop holes eliminated. It is not fair for individuals who make millions to end up paying absolutely no tax, and it is equally unfair for anyone to live here totally tax-free.

We all hold responsibility for this situation, because we elected the individuals who created the current tax inequities. It is thus up to us to fire those who do not address an equitable distribution of tax obligations.

Yes, we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but your Commander strongly feels there is absolutely no justification for a free ride here. While I once had sympathy for the entitlement crowd, I now feel most are the enemy of our quality of life and they must step forward and carry their fair share of the burden of life’s struggles. Programs like unemployment compensation, Medicaid, welfare, etc. were created to help people for a while. Instead, these programs have become a way of life for far too many and now continue for generations!

Dream on Commander! Just where are we going to find the politicians with the back bone and guts to address the tax inequities seriously and objectively?


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