Thursday, May 13, 2010


The next time you are driving out and about in your car, take notice of all the individuals who are driving close to your vehicle and are also talking or texting on their cell phones. It is absolutely shocking to see just how many individuals are trying to do two things at once, because it is a proven fact that talking on your phone while driving is extremely dangerous. Texting while driving must be even more dangerous!

It is little wonder that our insurance rates continue to rise at astronomical rates, because this obvious distraction should not be permitted to continue unabated. Politicians are filling their pockets with lobbyist dollars while their constituents are injured or die daily as a result of distracted cell phone addicted drivers.

Local politicians in my community have recently passed legislation to declare it a felony when a drunk driver is convicted of killing a police officer or a police animal (dogs, horses), but nothing appears to motivate them to address the equally serious cell phone violators. Only when some politician’s son, daughter or wife is killed will there be any action.

Why is there so little being done to address this serious menace to humanity. I bet it is safer to be driving on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan than on the streets of American cell phone infested cities today. Do you suppose that there is a provision to ban cell phones while driving an automobile at some future date that is buried deep in the recently passed Health Care Bill that nobody read before they voted for its approval? Naw!


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