Friday, May 7, 2010


I suspect that your first reaction to this headline is “What in the hell is he talking about?” That was certainly my reaction when I found out that this Act had been passed by the United States House of Representatives as H.R. #2499 on April 29th by a vote of 223-169. I do not recall hearing anything about this.

So, not knowing anything about this significant action, I went to my computer and read some very interesting and alarming details about the legislation. I strongly suggest that you do the same, and an excellent starting point would be to read the Wikipedia report:

Recognize that this legislation must still be presented to the Senate for its consideration and action. I certainly think this subject is a matter of huge significance and that it should receive wide publication and ensuing discussion. The consequences of Statehood are extensive and the obligations have huge potential financial implications to the American taxpayers’ pocketbook.

At first blush I look upon this as another behind the scenes effort on behalf of our politicians to stuff the ballot box in favor of one party rule. What do you think about it? Your Commander is very suspicious as to the real reason this legislative action has moved so quietly forward and the media has been so mute in covering the magnitude of the initiative. It seems to me to be another shady action like passing immigration reform forward to get a sympatric Hispanic electorate into a political party’s indebtedness and hip-pocket.

I am not prepared to outright deny consideration of Statehood to Puerto Rico, but I sure want to think about it at great length and you should, too.


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