Sunday, May 23, 2010


For several years I am more and more concerned about the impact of illegal drugs and gang activity in our country. I am convinced that our political leadership really does not want to totally stop the drug trade and the gang inter-relationship.

There have been many books written and documentaries produced that clearly establish the close ties between drugs and gangs, but they continue to flourish and even grow yearly. Some of our major cities are essentially ruled by one or two gangs and it is proven that they continue to operate behind the walls of some of our major federal, state, and municipal prisons.

Just this week a friend gave me a suggestion that at first blush sounds totally off the wall, but upon further reflection it makes some sense to eradicate both problems once and for all times. There is one thing that permits these two vicious evils to exist, and if we could eliminate it we could permanently destroy the drug trade and gangs at their core.

In a nut shell, take all the PAPER MONEY out of circulation in the US, and go to a total credit or debit card based economy. This would destroy the focal point of both of these illegal and unethical criminal activities. Without paper money the drug trade and gangs would cease to thrive and eventually exist. Will it happen? I doubt it, because I really think the fix is in with our various levels of government. We know that gangs and government are closely inter-related especially in the big cities, because they feed off each other.

Just imagine for one minute all the benefits to mankind that would be accrued if both illegal drugs and gangs were to go away forever. One wonders if any group of politicians would, and could move such a concept forward successfully. This just may be something that should have legs for careful thought and consideration.

Think about it, because it may just be the answer to two of the most insidious problems facing life around the world today.


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