Wednesday, May 12, 2010


After months of plodding through the pages of Jon Meacham’s AMERICAN LION I have finally placed it on the book shelf for a long deserved sleep. Repeatedly I tried to keep reading this thorough investigation into the inner-workings of the life and service of Andrew Jackson, but Meacham’s work is a ponderous journey, to say the least.

Whether Jackson was truly an American hero is questioned by some and praised by others, but Meacham’s presentation just plain wore me out with physical exhaustion. Meacham, in my opinion, is the king of minutiae getting into such small unimportant details that he has lost me as one who once enjoyed his writing.

Apparently the same type of writing judgments has led to the decision to sell Newsweek, long a popular nationally distributed news magazine that Jon Meacham headed as Editor. Recently I tried to read one of the revised format issues of Newsweek, and all I found was a series of opinionated essays, not a news magazine.

Thus Meacham is two for two with your Commander on negative reviews. If you are a student seeking an advanced degree in political science or history then this book is for you. It, unfortunately, is not one for your Commander. Meacham gets an A for research, but a C- for ease of reading and maintaining my interest. Sorry!


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