Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Your Commander may be considered an old fashion prude, but he is getting sick and tired of the antics of one spoiled egotistical actor, Charlie Sheen. It is now reported by TVWeek that Sheen is asking for $2 Million per episode to continue on “Two and a Half Men.” It is reported that Sheen said he was ready to move on and perhaps get back to making films, and issued a statement in April that read, “In no way has this been a hasty or negligent eleventh-hour surprise.”

Apparently Warner Brothers, who produces the show, plans to submit a counter offer to keep Sheen on the program, because they have a contract to continue two more years on CBS. Frankly, I would tell Sheen where he can take the show and just where he should shove it.

First, the show is totally inappropriate for airing back to back episodes from 7 to 8PM nightly on our local Fox affiliate, and it is equally far too explicit to be running at 9PM eastern and 8PM central time on the CBS network.

Sheen’s conduct off the air, his legal difficulties, and his well publicized marriage problems all should call into consideration a morals clause in his contract. There is no question that the program is funny, but it is totally inappropriate to be airing so early in the evening when young impressionable eyes are glued to their television sets.

The program generates massive amounts of money for CBS and the syndicators, but there is a point at which reckless inappropriate behavior should not be endorsed. Sheen clearly has no shame and continues to function in an uncontrolled egotistical mode.

Why do American audiences continue to pander to guys like Charlie Sheen? When Sheen breaks all the rules of common decency, then some greedy jerk wants to pay him unseemly amounts of money, our society has lost its way. Apparently, CBS endorses rewarding negative role models, because their corporate greed overrules their own integrity.


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Rollie T said...

He makes me sick because he believes 9/11 was an inside job.
Add that to his money demands and I wish CBS would quit negotiating with him!