Thursday, May 20, 2010


This week the 2010 copy of the local Yellow Pages Telephone Book was dropped at the door. When I replaced the 2009 copy with this new one, I noticed that it was ONE-HALF the size of the previous edition. This surprising difference proves to me that the expansion of our use of electronic information has proven to be a blessing for our massive consumption of trees for paper stock production.

Some day in the not so distant future our children and/or grandchildren will tell of the time when there was a telephone book, and those kids will look at them questioning what could that have been, because there will no longer be any telephone books in their lives. That is one step of progress that will be beneficial for everyone concerned. When is the last time you looked up a telephone number in the Yellow Pages? We occasionally go to the old fashioned book, but more often revert to our computer for that information, and I bet you do too.

While we old timers frequently and irrationally tend to fight change and innovation, this is a positive step impacting every one of us. Some change is good, but please don’t tell President Barack Hussein Obama that I said that, because he will consider that to be my endorsement of his CHANGE. WRONG!


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Texas Lieutenant said...

When new phone books arrive at my house, I immediately dump them in the recycling bin!! I happened to be home the last time the phone book delivery guys were around and I made them take mine back! Their truck load of books must have been several trees.. totally wasted these days! Yes, lets ditch the phone books!