Monday, May 31, 2010


In August it will be fifty-six years since I was discharged from the Regular United States Air Force having just returned from serving with the 5th Air Force in Korea. It is very hard to believe that so much time has flown by and so many important events have transpired in my life. I have much to appreciate and each year I make it a special point to salute all my fellow veterans, especially those who gave their full measure protecting our great country.

While millions of Americans celebrate this date with picnics or short three-day vacations, please take a few minutes to give a special prayer to all the men and women serving around the world today on our behalf. They will not be attending a cook-out or swim at the lake, but are protecting our freedom 24-7.

This morning when I read the on-line edition of The New York Times I almost fell off my desk chair when I read Maureen Dowd’s column “Once More, With Feeling,” because she stated several strong comments about President Obama, among them, “He’s spending the holiday weekend in Chicago when he should be commemorating Memorial Day here with the families of troops killed in battle and with veterans at Arlington Cemetery.”

We veterans do not seek any special treatment for our service, because it was our honor and privilege to serve our country, but we do not want our president to disrespect our fallen fellow service personnel as he has done by his action this date. Veterans are proud to be Americans, and we apologize to no one for our country’s actions. All military veterans of this great country should retain a strong and lasting memory of President Obama’s priorities in November and again in November, 2012.




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Here's how another veteran celebrated Memorial Day: