Friday, May 7, 2010


It certainly does not take a brain surgeon or some cat with a PhD. to determine the root of our problems. IT’S ECONOMICS, STUPID!

Someday one of our politicians will have a brain-storm, and realize that no one can continue to spend money that they do not have. We recently have been spun a tail that the stimulus expenditure of some trillion dollars would create thousands of “shovel ready” jobs, but over one year after the fact we still have unemployment hovering around 10%. I suspect that percentage is actually much larger, because there are a growing number of citizens who have given up looking for work and have elected to join the growing lethargic entitlement gang.

Tragically, our politicians have promised to provide a hand-out to a burgeoning number of naïve individuals who actually think a government can survive in the long haul without a sound economic foundation. Every single problem confronting our country has an economic basis, such as gangs, prisons, drugs, poor education, corruption, welfare, unfunded pensions, entitlement abuse, social security, health care, illegal immigration, etc, etc.

No government can continue to pay out more than it takes in and no politician wants to accept that simple fact. Had our corrupt political leadership not continued to borrow (misdirect or steal) huge sums of the Social Security Trust Fund money for projects that assured their re-election, the Trust Fund would have sufficient money available to meet the current obligations. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul for a short time or you have a Ponzi scheme.

The problems in Greece are a perfect example of what is on the horizon for the good old USA. Nobody can spend $1 unless they have $1 in their pocket or the bank. Currently the USA is spending multiple dollars without any money in the bank.

Regretfully, we have no one to blame but ourselves, because we elected the damn fools into office. Simple mathematics indicates that we are getting very close to having more people on the entitlement roles than we have contributing to our tax base, and when it reaches that magical 50%, all is lost.


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