Monday, July 4, 2011


Back on June 22nd there was a very informative article appearing in USA Today that carried the above title. It is very appropriate for you to read Ted C. Fishman’s analysis at this time, because our great country is hemorrhaging hoards of money supporting the NATO mission in Libya where America actually has little national security interest involvement.

Fishman’s detailed article goes well beyond the excessive costs we are absorbing in Libya, but he addresses the entire excessive share of the burden that our country has been carrying. Why should we pay for a conflict that really should be the business of France, Italy, Germany, and Britain? Why should the good old USA continue to pay a disproportionate share of NATO expenses just because other NATO members spend more money supporting their aging population than we do?

Here is the entire article if you missed it earlier.

Just how long can we continue to carry the financial obligations of the entire world on our backs? You and I know that we cannot and should not, but we have an administration and diplomats in the State Department that love to spend our money and expect or demand little or nothing from other equal members.

Your Commander is becoming more and more of an isolationist than he honestly would like to be, but as a nation we have become the financial suckers of the world. My pocket is getting thinner and thinner each and every day and our politicians continue to reach into my pocket and yours and spread our money all around the world with little or no expectation of any repayment or even an equal sharing of the burden.

Something has got to give, and it has to happen sooner than later. Simply put we cannot afford the administration now residing in Washington, and Uncle Sam has got to realize that he cannot be the paymaster to the entire world. Charity begins at home and my pantry is getting damn sparse.


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