Saturday, July 23, 2011


I think this is a very legitimate question to ask considering the hullabaloo that is circling the Rupert Murdoch Empire in London these days. Personally, I doubt that Rupert Murdoch knew anything about what happened, but as CEO the ultimate responsibility rests right in his lap.

In considering this entire subject one must certainly take into consideration that history has proven the way the press operates in Europe is totally different from what we have experienced and expect here in the USA. I found an excellent article a few days ago in USA Today by Ken Paulson, President of the American Society of News Editors and a former editor of USA Today and a member of the USA Today Board of Contributors.

One thing I will be watching carefully is to see if the current administration, who clearly does not like the Murdoch Fox News organization, institutes action via the Federal Communications Commission against the Fox television station licenses. I suggest that it would be an unwise course of action politically, but nothing surprises me these days when it comes to the ethics and behind the closed door skullduggery of an administration that originally promised transparency.

I believe this story will not go away quietly, because it reminds me of an old dog with a bone that has long-lasting flavor.


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