Friday, July 29, 2011


Many of my readers will express concerns about any articles written by the firebrand conservative scribe Michelle Malkin. I am not a big fan of her attack journalism, but you must give the devil her due when her work delivers important divisive acts to our attention.

I urge you to read the link, which outlines the loop-holes provided by the Title IV Dodd-Frank legislation supported by President Barack Obama. As Malkin notes, this law provides significant financial benefit for one of Obama’s major campaign contributors, the hedge-fund manager and one of Forbes magazine’s “wealthiest people,” George Soros.

Draw your own conclusions, but I believe this entire deal stinks to high heaven. This represents only one small part of our serious economic difficulties emanating from both the White House and the Halls of Congress and just how cozy Wall Street and huge campaign contributors affect decisions on legislation.

Tragically, our elected officials from top to bottom render most if not all their decisions and actions based upon how many votes it will get them at re-election time. Apparently once our politicians take their Oath of Office they ignore it and work paying-off their campaign contributors and stuffing their personal pockets.


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