Saturday, July 16, 2011


With all the negative things occurring around the world the fact that a giant, thankfully temporary, statue of legendary Marilyn Monroe was unveiled on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Michigan Avenue recently is not very important, but perhaps it really is according to Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich.

Take a look at Mary’s column titled “Bad taste – on such a large scale”.,0,1459085,print.column

Taking everything into consideration this is not a world changing event, but I also have not been able to ascertain its cost. It does, however, raise a question as to just where our priorities rest. The Chicago Tribune took a poll and out of 2,370 respondents some 61% found the statue to be in bad taste.

Not being one who will line up to look up her skirt, I find this display to be somewhat disgusting yet silly, and question its value. Perhaps it may be necessary to step back, have a laugh, and smile occasionally in the name of art and cultural enrichment. Heaven knows a smile is a good change of pace as we journey through another economic crisis caused by our dysfunctional politicians. But really, is this the way a real person should be remembered?



RobnTeegsMom said...
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RobnTeegsMom said...

I saw the article in the Sunday Trib. I wondered why Chicago was getting this statue. One doesn't usually think of Chicago when thinking of Marilyn Monroe. Odd choice.