Friday, July 1, 2011


Are you aware of the fiasco that has developed over the action of the Obama appointed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) lawsuit against Boeing aircraft to build a plant in South Carolina? If you have not heard of this highly sensitive political debate, you can see a Washington Post article via the attached link:

It is shocking to your Commander that our government is telling a publicly traded American company where they can and cannot conduct business. Considering the fact that President Barack Obama is well known to be in the hip-pocket of the American union movement, and that Obama appointed union sympathetic individuals to the NLRB, there is an obvious problem.

If Boeing is forbidden to operate the plant in South Carolina, which is one of 20 some right-to-work states, then they will have little choice but to close the plant and move all those jobs overseas. If you viewed President Obama’s Press Conference June 30th, you saw that he is now trying to seek political cover in questioning the action of his appointed NLRB.

I personally take objection to the suggestion in the Washington Post article that the Union and Boeing seek a settlement. Obama should just tell his NLRB to withdraw the suit and permit Boeing to conduct its business where ever or when ever they so desire. The original charges by the NLRB are bogus and never should have been rendered in the first place.

Unions have a legitimate right to exist, but companies have an equal right to conduct business where they so desire. Obama’s got a huge political problem here and he is running for cover.


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