Thursday, July 28, 2011


It is really absolutely none of my business to inquire what you did yesterday, but I want you to know what I did, because in my humble opinion I consider it to have been important.

With the economic foundation of this country about to fall into default I took it upon myself to contact my Congressional Representative and both Senate members with a strong message expressing my specific concerns and advising them that I would not support their re-election unless they acted in the interests of the electorate and the nation.

Here is a copy of my email, which was addressed to each in separate communications.

“The clock is ticking toward our economic default and that is not acceptable to the American electorate. You must take all possible action to avoid default. Additionally, you and your associates MUST reduce spending and do it immediately. Within the very near future a complete review of our tax code is necessary, but EVERYONE must and should pay some amount of tax to support this government.

If you and your associates fail to avoid default you will be held responsible and you should never even try to be re-elected. Remember you work for us and we do not work for you.”

With one-half of my fellow citizens not paying ANY federal income tax and millions of others receiving government hand-outs, I doubt that a sufficient number of my fellow Americans will take the time to contact their elected officials directly. I doubt seriously that my email will have any real value, but I sure feel better having done so, and hopefully I have dropped some water on the stone.

Our problem in Washington today is that our elected officials, including President Obama, are so isolated and insulated that they live in a different world than you and me. If the USA defaults they will not be hurt, but you and I will be devastated. It is just that simple, and tragically there are so many individuals in this country that just do not care or understand what is going on so they do not make their voices heard.

Your Commander is proud of what he did yesterday, and I pray for the survival of this great country despite the sad, ineffective, self-serving efforts of our elected officials.


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