Monday, July 25, 2011


That is the title of a new book by Catherine Herridge who is the Fox News National Correspondent that carries the sub-title, “On The Hunt For Al Qaeda’s American Recruits”.

This is a fast moving report of extensive investigative reporting by Herridge that exposes the fact that Al Qaeda has deeply penetrated the United States to develop agents who are home-grown and reside among us across America. This is a very troubling report based upon an extensive list of first-hand interviews with people who know what is going on inside the American intelligence community.

We have all heard the statement “It is not a case of IF another attack will take place inside America, but it is a case of WHEN it will happen.” We Americans not directly hit by a family/friend loss in the 9/11 attack have proven we can pick our selves up after an attack, band together, and move forward with our lives. But, we cannot be allowed to forget the severity of the attacks that day and the innocents murdered and those remaining to pick up the pieces of what were left of their lives.

Herridge’s book clearly establishes the fact that a new real and present danger exists right here inside the good old USA. We have an enemy that does not play by the rules, and they are intent upon destroying our country. Time is not a problem for these very disturbed individuals, and they use America’s impatience to their advantage.

Your Commander classifies Herridge’s book as an important read for America’s long-term survival.


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