Monday, July 4, 2011


A recent article in The Wall Street Journal shocked me. James Bovard’s opinion piece provided details of rampant fraud, corruption, and abuse of the Food Stamp program.

Here is the link if you are interested in reading it in detail:

This problem can be directly traced from the top of our federal government on down through our Congressional representation, and State government complicity. If President Obama will not do anything to eliminate this proven example of waste, then I have no other choice than to accuse him of buying votes and participating in illegal and unethical conduct. This charge covers both political parties and must be brought to a prompt stop.

How can our elected officials ignore the fact that the Food Stamp program has ballooned from 26 million recipients in 2007 to 44 million in 2010 (an astounding 63% increase), and the cost has more than doubled to $77 billion from $33 billion? They have, because they too are complicit in the vote buying scam, and their only concern is that they get re-elected with all of them abrogating their Oath of Office.

Clearly our government at all levels is totally out of control and we must aggressively vote at the polls ASAP to clean the swamp. Am I the only one who is concerned about this fraud? Where are the main-stream media pundit’s voices and influence on this subject? It is silent, because they, too, are part of this criminal behavior.

Your Commander begs you to get off your backside and address this criminal action. If you don’t quickly take remedial action against this problem then you are participating in this con, and you also have been bought out by the politicians and no better than they are in this conspiracy.


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