Monday, July 18, 2011


Two very different articles in recent Chicago newspapers caught my eye and I am bringing both to your attention. I believe history proves that some decisions to attract quick money can come back to haunt politicians in the long run. Both stories have their roots in Chicago, and they both involve decisions reached by new Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D).

The first article, by Chicago Sun-Times reporter Frank Main, outlines the planning for the forthcoming NATO and G-8 summits scheduled in Chicago May 15-22, 2012. With the United States scheduled to host both summit meetings, President Obama lobbied Mayor Rahm Emanuel to host the sessions in Chicago. Please read the details of Main’s article.

With 50 different organizations already planning to demonstrate during both summit meetings there is going to be massive damage and destruction to property if previous meetings are any example of the impending expenditure of police and public resources. Is the prestige of hosting these meetings worth the potential physical and financial problems that can and no doubt will occur? I believe that Chicago has far more to lose than it has to gain by hosting these summit meetings.

The second article is about the efforts of the somewhat reluctant Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn (D) and the aggressive lobbying of Mayor Rahm Emanuel to open a gambling casino in downtown Chicago. While there is a lot of typical political posturing, they are drooling to get their hands on the money generated by a casino revenue stream.

Here is the link to Chicago Tribune reporter Hal Dardick’s revealing article:,0,6282134,print.story

While Mayor Emanuel is indicating that the money will be used to create new jobs and address infrastructure, water delivery, public transportation, schools and broadband, I suggest he is way off base in his analysis. First of all the revenue stream will be cut into so many different projects that it will be insufficient to solve any the projects completely or effectively.

What both Quinn and Emanuel are totally ignoring are the hidden costs that come with the creation of gambling casinos. As you may remember your Commander has frequently warned about these hidden obligations as covered in detail in Robert Goodman’s well researched 1995 book titled “THE LUCK BUSINESS”. The devastating consequences that will occur from the new casinos will more than absorb the new revenue dollars, and the net result will dramatically increase the cost of government.

The State and Chicago taxpayers will be left holding another huge tax bill, and the politicians by that time will be retired with a fat self-serving pension that is paid by those same abused taxpayers.

It just never ends when it comes to the short sightedness of our public servants. When will taxpayers wake up and see that politicians serve themselves first, and the public they were sworn to serve last?


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