Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On several occasions I have made reference to Snopes.com when checking the authenticity of various subjects. Along the way I have had several readers suggest that the owners/operators of Snopes.com were liberal agents of the liberal left and the Democrat Party.

Having checked into the ownership/operation of the web site, it seems that Barbara and David Mikkelson operate the website. Thus far, I have been unable to find any indication of their political affiliation or vent or who exactly owns it. With so much info available on the internet I find that more than interesting. Who or why is the ownership of the site being covered up?

I have also found difficulty in finding exactly who owns/operates Factcheck.com…although it is stated to be a non-profit.

Having said the above, I did run across a very provocative site while I was doing the search for data on the Mikkelsons. When I asked Google the question – “Who owns and operates Snopes.com,” I found a site titled The Hive and an article by Terry Anderson who is a black Los Angeles talk radio host. He lists a total of 39 different statements attributed to Barack Obama and provides his verification they are untrue.

Here is a link to this article, which states “Even Liberals may think twice after reading this one”:


Do you ever wonder why our elite White House Press Corps never asks the Obama to explain any of the remarks listed in Anderson’s article? I suggest you draw your own conclusions, but it does trouble me that based upon Anderson’s report our Commander in Chief “speaks with forked tongue”.


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