Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Recently I received an email from a good friend regarding the action of President Barack Obama signing an Executive Order to skirt the rejection of the Dream Act by Congress. I urge you to take a look at this link to a discussion of this disturbing action.


I forwarded that email and, frankly, took some criticism from some recipients, because they contend there was no confirmation by Snopes.com. Let it be known that in searching for confirmation of Obama’s action I went to Google and found about one dozen various sources confirming the presidential deed. I found Charles Krauthammer’s article to be the most definitive. Apparently President Obama will do anything to get his way, even when Congress rejected the Dream Act.

With each signature on an Executive Orders Obama is signing away the American Way of Life, and destroying what millions of brave American fighting men and women have given their lives for, and that is the rule of law in this country. Repeatedly Obama has used his pen to sign Recess Appointments placing individuals into important positions when they could not receive Congressional approval.

How dare Obama destroy what our Founding Fathers created and our brave patriots sacrificed their lives. He promised CHANGE and he is determined to get his CHANGES one way or another. It makes little or no difference to Obama if his actions are legal or unconstitutional (think Obama care). Don’t get me started when it comes to Attorney General Eric Holder’s misuse of the law, and his failure to take appropriate action, i.e., in the case of ACORN bullies illegal actions of polling place intimidation.

Your Commander cannot wait to get to the polls and hopefully return this country to HONEST and ethical American leadership, and not a country with leadership intent upon destroying what true Americans have fought to preserve for 235 years.


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