Saturday, July 16, 2011


I recently received an email message drawing my attention to the fact that our State Department has been funneling precious American taxpayer dollars into programs to rebuild Mosques overseas. I was so outraged by this information I sent that email on to a number of my friends, because I believe that during these times of economic crisis this is a very inappropriate use of our dollars.

Additionally, I believe that we should not grant dollars to be utilized by religious organizations with a proven record with a direct relationship to groups that are clearly anti-American and advocate terrorism. However, I must note that the email did not relate that temples and churches overseas also have received money.

In the interest of fair play, I searched for information relative to this sensitive debate and suggest you take a look at the details presented at

Draw your own conclusion to this thorny issue. Permit me to suggest that our very liberal leaning State Department is tossing our scarce dollars around rather freely and we should be very careful just what causes our dollars actually serve. Are we funding interests that work for or against real American interests?


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